Global 6000

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Formerly known as the Global Express and Global Express XRS, the Global 6000 it the flagship of Bombardier’s fleet, flying higher (51,000feets), faster and further (up to 13 hours) than any other aircraft in its range.

Its very large cabin offers the best in comfort thanks to its low pressurization altitude (4,500 feets), making every journey less tiring and more enjoyable.

Sitting up to 15 passengers, and having a sleeping configuration for up to 7 passengers, the Global 6000 is the best bet for your long haul flights.

The Global 6000 also introduced a complete new cockpit, making every trip even safer.

Category: Long range jets
Older versions: Global Express, Global Express XRS
Cabin length (m) 14,71
Cabin width (m) 2,49
Cabin heigth (m) 1,91
Max seating (nb): 16
Luggage capacity (nb): 16
Range (km): 11400
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