Challenger 300

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Certified in 2004, the Challenger 300 is the latest addition to the Challenger family.

Designed to fly direct routes up to 6 hours, it is a perfect aircraft for smaller groups or families looking for the best in comfort at very attractive prices.

Its cabin sits up to 9 passengers in extra large individual seats. Measuring over 2 meters in width it give great comfort even at full capacity.

This aircraft has proven high popularity on the charter as well as on the owner market due to its competitive pricing and high cabin standards. 

Category: Super Mid Size jets
Older versions:
Cabin length (m) 8,72
Cabin width (m) 2,19
Cabin heigth (m) 1,85
Max seating (nb): 9
Luggage capacity (nb): 12
Range (km): 5740
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