Challenger 605

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The latest evolution of the CL 600 series entered in service in 2007.

Over the past 35 years, the CL 600 series has convinced more and more travellers worldwide thanks to its extremely spacious cabin.

Its bi-zone cabin, measuring almost 2.5 meters in width, offers a very comfortable environment for up to 12 passengers.

The Challenger 604 and 605 are the perfect aircraft for a family or groups of executive flying on medium-haul flights.

The VIP cabin and its great performances make it a highly appreciated aircraft to connect Russia to Europe or the Middle East, while offering competitive prices. 

Category: Large jets
Older versions: Challenger 604, Challenger 601, Challenger 600
Cabin length (m) 8,64
Cabin width (m) 2,49
Cabin heigth (m) 1,85
Max seating (nb): 12
Luggage capacity (nb): 15
Range (km): 7491
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