Lineage 1000

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The Lineage 1000 is by far the most spacious large business jet on the market. Offering 115 cubic meters to its passengers, it is triple the size of the Global 5000 or Gulfstream G450 and is longer than any BBJ.

Designed with a 5-zone cabin, the Lineage can accommodate up to 19 passengers. It is designed to be a perfect environment to work, relax and sleep as it is equipped with a rear king size bedroom.

Operating at 41,000 feet, this aircraft is the best option for larger groups travelling on medium haul flights (up to 5h) and offers competitive fares. 

Category: Super Large jets
Older versions:
Cabin length (m) 25,9
Cabin width (m) 2,68
Cabin heigth (m) 1,98
Max seating (nb): 19
Luggage capacity (nb): 50
Range (km): 7778
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